Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Increase Profits Through Trainer Cross-Sales

Your Trainers are the Experts that your Customers Trust. Get them talking about things that create more profits and better results for your members.

There is an established relationship between your personal trainers and your members. Your trainers are viewed as trusted advisors, role models and friends to their clients. What the trainer does personally, and recommends sincerely to her clients is taken to heart as well as to wallet. With just a little help from you they can be selling products to your members that will not only increase your profits and their incomes but will keep your members coming back for more every month.

Your sales of nutritional supplements will increase dramatically when they are supported, recommended and endorsed by your personal trainers. Your trainers are the experts that your members trust and look to for their fitness needs. When your members are low on energy, are injured or sick or have some sort of health problem, it is your trainer that they are going to tell, and the trainer they are going to listen to for help.

There are three supplement fundamentals that your trainers need to understand to make money selling supplements. These are all very easy to recommend, because they are proven effective, safe and prevalent. I am also going to tell you how to differentiate the supplements that you sell from the ones available everywhere, so your members will come back month after month to buy them from you.
Here are the 3 supplement fundamentals:

1. The multi-vitamin as a foundation for energy and health
2. Glucosasmine & chondroitin for healthy joints and cartilage
3. Fish oil for healthy heart, brain and reproductive health.

Regarding the foundation of all supplements, the multi-vitamin, perhaps you are thinking, ho-hum how boring and un-sexy. But you would be amazed at the difference in energy levels, immune function and mental health that can be achieved with a great multi-vitamin. First of all, most Americans (77% see chart) are not eating properly, either because they are too busy, on a diet - thus restricting food intake, or they just don’t like those fruits and vegetables that they know they should be eating... that your trainers are telling them they need to eat. Top NCAA and Olympic athletes prove out the effectiveness of this one supplement regimen every day in their training programs. And believe me they don’t take that stuff you buy in the grocery store. They take high quality, pharmaceutical grade liquid vitamins.

Now it is interesting for you that liquids are far superior to pills, because they are not widely sold in stores. The pills sold in grocery stores and vitamin stores are hard to swallow and only provide about 20% absorption into the system. Whereas, liquids get absorbed into the bloodstream immediately and up to 98%, providing a much longer acting, more effective product regardless of the category. So you can offer your members, through your trainer’s recommendations a vastly superior product that is going to improve their energy and their results in their training program and have them coming back to you every month for more.

So here are 3 simple products that your trainers should be recommending to club members to help them achieve success in their workouts and health goals and keep coming back to you to get them.
1. For Every Client – A Daily Liquid Multi-vitamin
2. For all clients - Daily Fish Oil supplementation.
3. For clients with joint injuries, sore joints, arthritis & heavy lifters to protect joints – glucosasmine with chondroitin

So introduce your trainers to the benefits of supplementation and give them the best products to sell that your customers can’t find on every grocery shelf. Be sure to set up a program that compensates your trainers for the product that they sell. A simple “Sell 5 Get $10” program goes a long way. You can either give the $10 as cash or save some tax complications and give gift cards (please check with your tax accountant for tax advice). This costs you very little but gives them that little extra boost they are looking for. Also, please give a good employee discount on the product, and ensure that all of your trainers are taking the products themselves. It is difficult to be convincing about something you haven’t even tried for yourself. Your retail profits will grow and your customer loyalty will too.

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