Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Plan-o-Gram Your Difference – Plan for Profits

Mapping your sales plan – Budget in more profits

Starting to think about those plans for next year? How many new members to expect? How much space to allocate? How much equipment to purchase or rehab? Are you thinking about how to get more profits from your existing customers? It cost you plenty to get those customers, so now that you have them you want to A. keep them and B. upsell, backsell and resell. This is your most profitable target market. They are in your club, you don’t have to buy ad space to reach them. You just have to reach out to them and meet their needs to make more money from each existing member.

I wrote to you last month about utilizing your trainers to cross-sell products to your customers. I wrote to you in June about creating a sampling program for your supplements and other retail items to generate interest in your store. And I wrote to you in May about adding liquid supplements to your line without diminishing sales of existing products. It is all TRUE. So now, while you a budgeting for the new year, planning for success in 2007, let me remind you to plan for liquid supplements sales too.

Why Supplements ? Boomers, genXers, Silver Foxes – they all need them. They all take them. See the chart below on vitamin usage in the US. It is huge! Which brings me to Why LIQUID Supplements? This is your differentiator, this is where you can Stand Out. Liquid supplements are far superior to pills, they provide up to 98% absorption vs. 20% from hard pills. Yet, they currently account for only 7% of the vitamins purchased in the US. It is not because people don’t like them, it is because they weigh more than pills, so the shipping cuts into profit margins for discount dealers, like grocery stores, drugs stores and other common places people purchase vitamins. But you (and your trainers) are your customer’s expert on fitness and health. They have put their trust in you for this area for their life. They come to you for the best in this area and liquid vitamins provide the best solution for fast paced lives. If you are bringing them the best available product, you don’t need to discount it.

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